Deploy Laravel (w/ Laravel Mix) Web App in 5 Min on Heroku.

Debjit Biswas
2 min readApr 18, 2022

I am using this LinkAce fork in this tutorial. All other Laravel Default should run as-is. For more installation please follow my Other Guide

I was installing an open-source project on Heroku and found Laravel Mix is not working.

So I have time in hand and make it work. It is pretty simple and no prior knowledge is needed. Follow the steps.

I am using free hobby dyno and pgsql for the database.

Step 1

Update builder pack from Settings > Builderpacks with these two

  1. heroku/nodejs
  2. heroku/php

Note order is necessary for a successful build, drag your Nodejs to the top if PHP already exists.

Step 2

Update package.json file. Add these lines inside your script section.

 “postinstall”: “npm run production”,

Here is my whole script looks like

"scripts": {
"postinstall": "npm run production",
"dev": "npm run development",
"development": "mix",
"watch": "mix watch",
"watch-poll": "mix watch -- --watch-options-poll=1000",
"hot": "mix watch --hot",
"prod": "npm run production",
"production": "mix --production",
"test": "npm run production"

Step 3

Add Procfile to your app

web: vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2 public/

Step 4. Update your “Config Vars” for deployments


Now deploy your app and your laravel mix will run, have fun.

The software I have tested is working with this method is:


For LinkAce you must run these two command from the Heroku terminal to start and use my repo it will bypass the installation file.

php artisan migrate
php artisan registeruser




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